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11 Warning Signs From the Universe
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I have received messages from the Divine in the shower, on the toilet, while doing the dishes, cleaning, going grocery shopping, and many other commonplace situations. Through our eyes, the Universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the Universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witness through which the Universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.

The Divine seamlessly flows within and without us, constantly trying to catch our attention and guide our decisions.

We make poor choices, do things that hurt us and others, and lose touch with our life purpose. The Universe will send ample signs! As long as you pay attention, ask the Divine for further guidance, and strive to change course, you will quickly shift back onto a healthy and beneficial path. Remember that any warning signs from the Universe that you experience are there not to hurt you, but instead, are there to alert you.

So be mindful, approach them with humor, and pay attention. For example, you might get stuck in traffic, miss your train, find that the flight tickets are booked out, or find that a spontaneous event arises which messes up your plans. You might feel a sense of queasiness or sickness inside of you. This negative gut feeling might not go away, no matter what thoughts you have or plans you make. The temporary shock of losing something wakes you up.

Fiery arguments and silly disagreements keep popping up constantly.

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These arguments might be with your loved ones or with random strangers. You might have a single thought that keeps circling around your mind or a fearful scenario that may be playing out over and over again. Sickness seems to be preventing you from doing what you want to do.

Cosmic Laws 101

You might develop chronic headaches, migraines, colds, or other forms of sickness that demand you to slow down. Negative omens are highly personal and subjective, and as such, they change all the time. For example, I might see a flock of black crows as a negative omen or broken traffic lights as a sign that a certain decision of mine is misguided. Be aware and conscious of how your mind reacts to different signs throughout the day. For example, you might accidentally say something to offend your boss which causes them to stop giving you regular shifts. On the other hand, you might get into a car accident or have a household mishap which causes you to remain crippled in a bed for a few days or weeks.

You keep coming across roadblocks and barriers which prevent you from getting what you want or think you have to do. When you take a step forward, something might happen which causes you to take two steps back.

Keep in mind that it is common to experience things such as losing sleep or getting stuck in traffic. However, when you are experiencing many of these signs from the Universe all at once or consecutively, please pay attention.

Life After a Spiritual Awakening

Depending on how aware you are, warning signs from the universe can range from subtle roadblocks to full-blown barricades. The more asleep you are, the bigger and more glaringly obvious the signs will be. If you do feel like you are receiving warning signs from the Universe, be proactive rather than worrying or becoming miserable.

Often, shifting back to the best path requires a minimal amount of effort.

Other times, you need to carefully reconsider your choices or intentions. But whatever the case, it is always possible to change direction. Finally, remember that you and the Universe are not separate. In reality, you are the Universe, so whatever signs that arise are coming from the eternal presence that underlies your entire identity. If you would like to read more about signs from the Universe, you might like to read my soul communication article.

Mateo Sol is a prominent psychospiritual counselor and mentor whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide. But back to you and me — this mysterious mix of physical qualities shared with animals and spiritual qualities….

An Understanding and Experience of Human Sexuality – One Man’s Journey

The easy answer is that our spiritual qualities were created to be shared with other humans. Is that the end of the story? But I was alone. Who was there to hear me? Was the creator of the beauty I beheld unable to hear? Unable to see what I saw? Unable to know the stirrings of my heart? Did the creator of all even relate to what struck me as so stunningly beautiful? At that point I had always believed in an impersonal, transcendent Being who created and ordered existence. I had long ago decided that people who believed in a personal God were just people making the Unknowable into an image like themselves.

Did the Creator of all create his most complex and spiritual creature, the human, but lack the ability to share in spiritual qualities like hope, gratitude, and love? How, or why, would a Creator make eyes, ears, and tongues, and yet be blind, deaf, and dumb? Is adding human capacities to the Almighty not a necessity if He is indeed the creator of all? How does allowing a personal element to the Creator making Him less divine? Does seeing in God the spiritual and personal capacities humans have, such as to love and relate, make God more human, or humans more divine?

It struck me that the Creator of all, by definition, must contain all the attributes and capacities He creates, and to an infinite degree, and this includes human attributes as well. I was not alone on that mountain. And you are not alone as you read or hear this. We tend to have a deficient view of the Creator, making Him either too personal on the one hand, or too abstract on the other.

The Seven Universal Laws Explained

Making God in our image would be depicting him like a God of ancient Greek mythology: God as an old man, peering down at our human affairs, sometimes tinkering, sometimes angry and vengeful, someone we can appease with ritual or sacrifice. In short, he is pretty much like us, just more powerful. On the other hand, we might view the Creator as a vague, abstract force, keeping the universe ordered, but not in any way involved in creation.

This view allows us to feel comforted in knowing we are not exactly alone in the universe, but the Creator is far enough away so as not to impact or judge our day to day actions and we can pretty much do as we please. Both these perspectives probably have some truth in them, but both exclude far too much. A more holistic view of the Creator would have to incorporate the vastness of the universe, including its bizarre black holes, dark matter, billions of galaxies, and blizzard of seeminlgy arbitrary life forms.

We must contemplate that God is outside of time and space, neither big nor small, neither old nor young, neither human nor abstract. We must accept that much of the universe, and even more of the divine, is mysterious. But the Creator of all would also most certainly have to include all the spiritual attributes of what appears to be the highest life form in the known universe — humans.

The spiritual aspirations and attributes of humans are many. At the same time, human nature across the ages does not really seem to have changed that much. We have always yearned to have happy and stable families, meaningful work, good health, and a sense of community.

Perhaps the most basic human need, and what would ensure our happiness no matter our age or status in life, would be to love and be loved, unconditionally. Yet if we were created with these yearnings and capacities, and they come from God, and He must contain all attributes he creates to an infinite degree, then surely we are meant to share them with him, and not just each other?

In other words, what makes humans truly unique is not just that we have some spiritual capacities named earlier , but that we are able to share them with our creator. We can be grateful to our Creator, we can share our joys and sorrows, we can fall in love with the source of the universe, because he shares the personal nature he placed in us. Humans were created to live on two planes simultaneously — the horizontal, earthy plane, with all its diversity and pleasures, but also the vertical plane, where we can open our minds and hearts to our Creator.

Of course, the sad but obvious reality is that we are a shadow of this original destiny. We have lost the art of living on the vertical plane.

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We are like hunting dogs with the instinct to find the rabbit of happiness, but who no longer have noses, so we dash into this hole, around that bush, and up that tree, barking and searching wildly, but never seeming to find our prize.