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It is in these various dark places of brokenness, heartbreak, and loss that God brings forth His light so that even the darkness is illuminated. Hope in Difficult Times. If joy is Jesus, then it follows that the better you know Him the more joy you will experience! Advice for Christian women on dealing with failure and learning to live courageously in the knowledge that failure is never final for the believer in Christ.

The truth about grief is that it stinks, but the beauty of it is that God shines brightest in darkness. Grief and Loss. Author Sharon Garlough Brown encourages women to draw near to God's heart through spiritual formation fiction. Immanuel means "God with us"! Let that reality sink in and give you hope today and as you look to the coming year.

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In the midst of my pain I understood God's goodness toward me. Through the fact that He prepared me by giving me the grace to submit to His will. I delight in creation because it showcases the allure of God who created every good and perfect gift - everything in nature - for our enjoyment.

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A Prayer for God's Presence

Back to menu. Username or Email. Remember me Forget? Back to Login. The most beloved devotional of all time. By Oswald Chambers Learn More. Those who wait on the Lord…shall walk and not faint. I want to know Bible facts, but I also want to know personally the God who gave me those facts. Charles C.

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Ryrie could help us put this truth in perspective. To know facts about a person without knowing the person is limiting; to know a person without knowing facts about that one is shallow. God has revealed many facts about Himself, all of which are important in making our personal relationship close, intelligent, and useful. Had He only revealed facts without making it possible to know Him personally, such factual knowledge would have little, certainly not eternal, usefulness.

It is possible to know personally the God who has revealed to us the glorious facts about Himself, His universe, His work, and His children.

The Promise of God's Presence

Omnipresence is not the same as pantheism. God is omnipresent. God is holy. God is infinite. God is love.

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God knows everything. God can do anything consistent with His own nature to name a few of His attributes. These truths can touch our hearts and also our daily experiences.

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The writer E. The heart makes the preacher. Men of great hearts are great preachers. Men of bad hearts may do a measure of good, but that is rare.