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The shift has taken place mainly because of significant life experiences, many of them relating to loss.

Novena for one who has died

Up until the age of twenty five I was a practising Catholic. In the Catholic church and the Christian church, upon death, a family member accompanies the body to the mortuary and does not leave the body "by itself". It is imperative that someone, particularly a family member, accompany the body from the time it leaves the hospital or home to the mortuary or funeraria funeral parlor to make sure that preparation is done properly.

One of course need not stay in the room where there body is being prepared but at least within the same premises. No jewelry is to be worn, and no shoes. In both traditions I belong to, but more so in the Catholic faith or this is probably Filipino custom , it is believed that the dead will not reach heaven if he is donning too many ornaments. If a rosary is placed with the deceased, the rosary must be cut.

I do not know the exact explanation for this. Wakes are held wither at funeral homes, churches or private homes this is done usually in the provinces and not in the big cities like Manila. Black is the traditional color of mourning although many families have become "progressive" now and opt to wear either white or green or blue.

Red and loud colors are a definite no-no. Among Born-again Christians the 9 day and 40 day prayers and celebrations are dispensed with. We believe that upon death, the should goes directly to heaven and there is no need to pray for intercession. There is also a portion of the population called Catholic Christians and together with the born-again group, their wakes are, I would I say happier and less solemn or morose.

Death in a way, though difficult for those left behind, for both these groups is seen as the end of all pain and suffering and entry into eternal life. When my father died I was still steeped in the Catholic tradition and when my son died I was with the Christian church. They are able to send signs and visions to guide you as you live your life here on earth.

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Christians believe that if you accept Jesus Christ in your heart then you are saved and will go straight into the kingdom of heaven where there is no pain and no infirmities whatsoever. Though my church now does not believe in visions or signs, I still adhere to that.

In our church we are discouraged from "talking to the dead" even through pictures. When I spot a particular butterfly, I relate that to either my son or my father.

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I promise to die rather than ever offend Thee more. Give me holy perseverance; have pity on me, and have pity on those holy souls that burn in the cleansing fire and love Thee with all their hearts. O Mary, Mother of God, assist them by thy powerful prayers. Knowing that release will come one day keeps them hopeful, but not knowing when only adds to their torment. I love Thee above all things, O infinite God and I am sincerely sorry for having offended Thee again.

Have compassion on me, and, at the same time, on the holy souls suffering in Purgatory. They now struggle greatly with guilt. Guilt born of their ingratitude for the love and passion bestowed upon them, by Jesus Christ during their life. Guilt, that his love for them still prevails, even in purgatory. While they are grateful that we pray for them.

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

As they endure for their own sins. They are now racked with the guilt of needing our help to set them free. Now, however, I love Thee above all things, O supreme God; and I am more grieved at my offences against Thee than at any other evil. Mary, Mother of God, come to their aid with thy powerful intercession.

Rosary Novena For The Dear Departed Pt 1

As they are nearing the end of their torment. Their desire to be delivered from their suffering, makes way for their need to praise God forever, and to love him even more deeply. Send them Thy holy Angel to announce to them that Thou, their Father, are now reconciled with them through the suffering and death of Jesus, and that the moment of their deliverance has arrived. Only through the divine grace and loving mercy of God, have they been pardoned, and spared from the Hell that they deserved.

I also am one of these ungrateful beings, having received so much grace, and yet despised Thy love and deserved to be cast by Thee into hell. But Thy infinite goodness has spared me until now. Therefore, I now love Thee above all things, and I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee.

Novena for the Dead

I will rather die than ever offend Thee. Have compassion on me and, at the same time, on the holy souls suffering in Purgatory. Deprived of his divine brilliance, any soul that makes it free of purgatory is welcomed into heaven, where they need not suffer ever again. How was it possible that I, for so many years, have borne tranquilly the separation from Thee and Thy holy grace!

Novena for one who has died | Our Lady of Guadalupe

O infinite Goodness, how long-suffering hast Thou shown Thyself to me! Henceforth, I shall love Thee above all things.

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I am deeply sorry for having offended Thee; I promise rather to die than to again offend Thee. Grant me the grace of holy perseverance, and do not permit that I should ever again fall into sin. Have compassion on the holy souls in Purgatory. I pray Thee, moderate their sufferings; shorten the time of their misery; call them soon unto Thee in heaven, that they may behold Thee face to face, and forever love Thee.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, come to their aid with thy powerful intercession, and pray for us also who are still in danger of eternal damnation. Let Your ears be attentive to my voice in supplication: If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand? But with You is forgiveness, that You may be revered. I trust in the Lord; my soul trusts in His word. My soul waits for the Lord, more than sentinels wait for the dawn. More than sentinels wait for the dawn, let Israel wait for the Lord; For with the Lord is kindness and with Him is plenteous redemption; And He will redeem Israel from all their iniquities.

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