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These proportions are similar to those found among the major Jewish populations.


Because the cohen genetic signature is rare or absent in all non-Jewish populations tested so far, the findings strongly support the Lemba tradition of Jewish ancestry. Goldstein said his findings had been submitted to the American Journal of Human Genetics. How did a Jewish priestly male chromosome come to be found in a black, Bantu-speaking people that looks very much like its southern African neighbors?

Parfitt, who says he believes he has found the answer, first came across the Lemba while giving a lecture in Johannesburg about Ethiopian Jews. Some people in the audience wearing yarmulkes told him they, too, were Jewish. Parfitt visited their homes, which are in northern South Africa and Zimbabwe. Many of the Lemba, who number more than 50, people, are Christians, but they see no contradiction in professing Judaism, too. He learned that they had an enigmatic tradition about their origin: ''We came from the north, from a place called Senna.

We left Senna, we crossed Pusela, we came to Africa and there we rebuilt Senna. Parfitt said that he was later traveling in the Hadramawt region, a former site of Jewish communities in Yemen, and mentioned the Lemba tradition of Senna to the religious leader of the holy city of Tarim. The leader was surprised to hear it because, he told Dr. Parfitt, there was a nearby village called Senna.

Parfitt said. The local tradition is that centuries ago the valley had been very fertile, irrigated by a dam, the ruins of which are still there. And then the dam burst, they think about a thousand years ago, and the people fled. There is a valley that leads from Senna to a port on the Yemeni coast called Sayhut. If the winds are right, a ship from Sayhut could reach southern Africa in nine days, Dr. And the valley that leads from Senna to Sayhut is called the Wadi al-Masilah.

Parfitt believes that Masilah may be the ''Pusela'' of the Lemba oral tradition.

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The Lemba have clan names like Sadiqui and Hamisi that are ''clearly Semitic'' and that are also found in the eastern Hadramawt, Dr. Parfitt, who has described his work on the Lemba in a recent book, ''Journey to the Vanished City'' Phoenix, London , said he had been excited to hear of Dr. Event Lectures. Live Streams. Nearby Locations. Beginner Courses. The Purpose of The Zohar. Close Welcome Back.

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Pharisee | Jewish history | Britannica

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    The Jewish religion in the 1st century

    Though terse, it provides something good on almost any passage, phrase by phrase and is to some degree critical in nature. Especially in its multi-volume form this is one of the old evangelical works that offers fairly solid though brief help on many verses.

    Things have changed greatly since this assessment! It is primarily of help to pastors and lay people looking for quick, though usually somewhat knowledgeable treatments on verses. We consult it continually, and with growing interest. Contains clear reflections of the doctrinal and ecclesiastical views of his circle. The difficulties of these epistles are dealt with in a clear and conservative manner.

    The author's death terminated the exposition of the second epistle at 3: An Introduction to the New Testament.

    Sources for the life of Jesus

    Hiebert - Brief discussion of introductory problems. A thorough exposition of the epistle, with a new translation of Hebrews by the author. Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. An exhaustive exposition by a conservative interpreter which has stood the test of time. Important for the expositor of 1 Peter. A careful interpretation of these epistles with a mass of material of a practical and homiletical nature. Generally, one finds a wealth of detailed commentary, background, and some critical and exegetical notes. Often, however, there is much excess verbiage that does not help particularly.

    On the other hand, it usually has something to assist the expositor on problems and is a good general set for pastors and serious lay people though it is old. We wonder if any one ever read this excellent exposition through; we should not like to be sentenced to do so. Ellicott speaks in the highest terms. Meyer must be placed in the first class of scholars, though somewhat lower down in the class than his admirers have held. Apart from scholarship we do not commend him. Alford was certainly no very rigid adherent of orthodoxy, yet he says of Meyer that he is not trusted where there is any room for the introduction of rationalistic opinions.

    Whatever credit may be due to him for accurate interpretation, this is a terribly serious drawback. It is well to be warned. It treats concisely matters of introduction and then systematizes the theology of the epistle in light of God's covenants with Israel. James Rosscup - "Some regard this work rather highly for its exegetical excellence at times in the Greek.