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I needed help finishing a novel that I had shelved for years. Anna patiently broke down the writing process for me by giving me small goals to reach. She also helped me after I completed the book by suggesting publishing options. Anna R. Ask a Question. Available Locations: Online. Show More. His sense of humor and his warm laugh. The deep voice that could make me feel at home, or send shivers up my spine.

He would have made a fantastic radio announcer, if he had not been so cautious about staying off human radar.

Siofra Darklings Book 1 English Edition - imbousikatbu.gq

These were things I would never again experience or share with him, and it hurt me more than anything in my life ever had before. Excluding my maker, Andreas, with whom I had very little to do, Janos had been the longest acquaintance of my existence.

I came back to myself to find Nathaniel touching my shoulder gently. Opening my eyes, I saw an unconscious human on the ground in front of me. There was a large goose-egg on his head, but I saw no blood, so Nathaniel had been very careful while capturing this human. Hello there.

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This series came about as a response to the glut of vampire romances out there. All are available in ebook form on Amazon. The softcover versions of both novels are available on Amazon. I look forward to hearing from you about the novels and stories of the series. Not Your Standard Vampire Series…. The Sumaire Web.

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